Faith and Health

Does God Still Heal People?  Yes and Yes


I believe that God still heals in two ways:

First, He heals divinely and immediately through miracles.  Even the most skeptical believer can probably give testimony of a family member or friend that received this type of healing.

Second and more frequently, God heals “mediately” through his perfectly designed mechanisms in our bodies which regulate and maintain our health.

God made our bodies smart.   He gave us an innate wisdom that knows how to heal a cut, mend a broken bone and turn food into living breathing flesh.  There is no doctor, chiropractor or scientist that can take food and turn it into flesh.  Even with all the resources in the world, they can not create flesh. But our body’s innate wisdom does this every second of every day and it does so automatically.  When we cut ourselves, we don’t need to tell the platelets to go to that area and make a clot.  No, the innate wisdom and mechanisms that God created within our bodies does it automatically without conscious thought.

This innate wisdom resides in our brain and communicates from the brain, down the spinal cord and over the nerves to every cell, tissue, organ and gland in our bodies.  It tells our heart what to do, our lungs, our liver, our digestive system, reproductive system, all our glands, all systems, our muscles and even our skin.  As long as this communication is happening, all our organs and glands function 100%, our bodies are in perfect balance, harmony, coordination and homeostasis.  This results in optimum function and performance and we are strong and healthy.

If there is interference in the communication of the innate wisdom from the brain to the body, then all organs and glands no longer function 100%, we lose that balance, harmony, coordination and homeostasis and we have decreased function, performance and health. If left uncorrected, symptoms and disease process occur.

To better understand how to correct this interference, we must first understand some basic anatomy, God’s perfect design .  Our Creator knew this nerve system was very important and knew it was very delicate (obviously, He made it).  He decided to protect our brain by a vault of bone called your skull.  Pretty smart, a hard skull protects a soft brain.  At the base of our skull is a big hole that our spinal cord comes through, which is called the foramen magnum (Latin for big hole).  The cord which extends down from the brain needed to be protected as well, but if we had one long cylinder of bone, we wouldn’t be very mobile.  So our Creator in His infinite wisdom, decided to protect the chord by 24 movable bones called vertebra. This allows us mobility.  Between each vertebra is a disc, pad or shock absorber.  Also between each vertebra exits a pair of spinal nerves, one on each side which branch out so extensively that they reach every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

Let’s now relate this to what we previously discussed.  As long as that innate wisdom is communicating from the brain, down the chord, over all the nerves to all cells, tissues and organs of the body we are strong and healthy, everything works 100% and is balanced and in harmony.

Here is the catch.  If one or more of those vertebrae misaligns, it irritates the nerve and interferes with the communication of the innate wisdom from the brain to the body.  Whichever organ that irritated nerve goes to isn’t going to function well and will lead to a breakdown.   We call this misaligned vertebra a subluxation.

My guess is the first time this subluxation occurred was when Eve was reaching for that apple.  I know that is speculative at best but subluxations can occur in a multitude of ways and here are just a few:

Birth process

Falling learning to walk, or out of bed or down the stairs or off a bike or skate board.



Sitting on a wallet in your back pocket

Carrying a purse over one shoulder

Carrying a child on your hip

Holding the phone on your shoulder

Sleeping on your stomach

Any asymmetric activity (even watching TV with your head turned)

Any activity that you use one side of your body like golf or tennis

Auto accidents


You can see from even this small list that most people are likely to have subluxations and are at decreased function, performance and health.

My mission is to find and correct subluxations with gentle adjustments to restore the communication of the innate wisdom from the brain to the body.  Then all your cells, tissues, organs and glands can function at 100%.  You will have perfect balance, harmony, coordination and homeostasis.  You will have optimum function and performance.  Whether you are in the classroom, the workplace, on the ball field, the golf course or even in your marriage , you will be that much better at it once your subluxations are corrected.

Chiropractors are the only health professional trained to find and correct subluxations.

Further, once your subluxations are corrected, you will be stronger, more mobile, sleep better and have increased immune system    You will have your BEST HEALTH NOW!

Dr. Fred Reichert is available to talk at your church, or workplace upon request about how to improve you and your friend's quality of life, please call the office to request a meeting to set that up.



Our Mission

To serve God by serving his children through Chiropractic.

Chiropractic: The detection and correction of Subluxations.

Subluxations: A vertebra out of line, irritating the nerve system, decreasing the flow of the Innate Intelligence of the Body.

Innate Intelligence of the Body: runs, regulates, maintains the body directly affecting Health.

Health: Physical, mental and emotional well being.